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At Berwyn Makers, one of the goals we have yet to achieve is doing some sort of charitable works, as a group.  We’re thinking at least once a year.

So this post on Crafting a Green World caught my eye, and the story takes place in the Chicago area, though the blog is not local.

This project involves crocheting, we’re maybe thinking about something that involves sewing, it seems that many of us sew.

What do you think?  What crafty giving projects are you aware of?  Which ones have the most impact, and yet can be done with easily obtainable (hopefully donated) materials?

Please comment, thanks!

P.S.  For any quilters out there, do you know about Quilts for Kids?  They’ll send you all the fabric, already cut!


Author: Elaine Luther

Artist and writer blogging at I make art about how much I hate housework and Medals that You Wouldn't Want to Earn.

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