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January Meeting: Blogging with Candice Caldwell

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Candice Caldwell

Our next meeting is January 9 and will feature guest speaker and blogger Candice Caldwell! She’s the writer and crafter behind Refab Diaries and has much to teach us. Even though I’m an experienced blogger, I’m sure I’ll learn new things from her.

Let’s get to know Candice, here’s part of her bio:

I’m a South African currently living in Chicago. I’m a maker and a doer and a mother. I’ve been an academic, a waitress, a reading teacher, a “lunch lady”, a linguist, a brand-name consultant and a copywriter. I’ve called places on four different continents “home”. I love words, craft beer (with names like Ruination, Mischief etc) and good coffee. And books. Big fan of books. I even admit to hoarding children’s picture books.

For all the disparate elements, one thing has been a more-or-less constant in my life: the need to “make do”, “be frugal”, “save for a rainy day” … because then I can simply enjoy the rain for what it is. I think almost a decade in academia (with no credit card!) will do this to you – you learn to be poor. You learn to make, and do, and make do.


Author: Elaine Luther

Artist and writer blogging at I make art about how much I hate housework and Medals that You Wouldn't Want to Earn.

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