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Social Media Resources: Follow up to Berwyn Makers at Berwyn Art Council



Your Berwyn Makers contributors, Lisa Polderman and Elaine Luther were asked to be part of the Berwyn Arts Council meeting, which was on social media for artists.

The nice folks at BAC served up chili, corn bread and all the fixin’s! They know how to feed a crowd.

We met at the Route 66 Museum in Berwyn and answered questions about facebook, twitter, blogging, instagram and more.

I wanted to post some resources, as a follow up, for where attendees (and readers here) can go for further study.

Here’s where I turn when I have a question about a social media platform I use already, or when I need to master a new one:

Wired PR Works

Hub Spot Marketing Hub Spot has a ton of free ebooks, tutorials and blog posts on how to use various social media platforms. Yes, they’re promoting their services, but if you’re a total newbie to a platform, their ebooks are an easy to understand guide. Ready for more? They also have intermediate and advanced guides.

All Facebook This is where I turn when I have a facebook question. They’re the experts, so I don’t have to be.

Another resource we mentioned last night: to learn how to use WordPress.

We touched briefly on publishing an email newsletter, you can find some resources and advice on that on the ArtBiz Blog.

Lisa and I both agree that social media can be overwhelming and it’s best to choose the ones you enjoy and focus on those, especially at first. Then add more.

I also advocate for at least token participation in some platforms, if you can’t manage a handcrafted participation in all of them. For example, if you’re not big on twitter, you can use HootSuite or another tool to automatically post on twitter when you have a new blog post. Why not make it easy for people to follow you in their favorite places?

Here are more observations from last night’s meeting:

Most of us are a little scattershot in our approach to social media. Most of us are really good at one or two platforms and completely ignoring some other important platforms.

Most of us could benefit from sitting down and writing a social media plan, planning to invest some time in mastering new platforms and in general being more strategic about our social media use.

Even though most artists are one person businesses, I would suggest writing a plan as if you had staff. Imagine you have to communicate to your team what your company’s story is, what kind of information you share on each platform. This will force you to think it out. If you know what your plan is, you’ll do a better job of executing that plan.

One last resource for you, I have a blog post, Artists Who are Great at Blogging their Artistic Process and How You Can Be Too that may help you.

And here’s that post I mentioned on legal advise when it comes to posting images of your artwork online.

Photo via the stock xchng


Author: Elaine Luther

Artist and writer blogging at I make art about how much I hate housework and Medals that You Wouldn't Want to Earn.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Resources: Follow up to Berwyn Makers at Berwyn Art Council

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  2. Thank you for these resources!

  3. You’re welcome Nancy!

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