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February Meeting: Play the How Much Should This Cost? Game


price tags

It’s a guessing game! Or, we could call it market research.

Here’s how it will work: Everyone bring a product that you currently sell, or would like to. We’ll all write down (secret ballot style!) what we think the price is.

This could be super valuable to you!

We’ll follow up the game with a conversation about pricing challenges and strategies.

If you have special packaging or story cards/tags for your product, bring those too, give the full picture.

Do join us! The more, the merrier!

When: Thursday, Feb. 13th, 7:30-9:30.

Where: The usual place, wine, water and snacky things always appreciated. Hope to see you there!

Unity Lutheran Church at 6720 31st Street in Berwyn,upstairs in the Carolina Room. Enter through the doorway on 31st street (middle of building).

Upcoming Meetings:

March 13th Pi Day Eve! We’ll Eat Pie and begin our series on budgeting and big picture money management, with a guest expert.

April 10th Budgeting and money management part two.

May 8th Craft fairs. Which ones? How to choose? Interactive meeting.

And, as we did last year, we’ll continue to meet through the summer.

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Author: Elaine Luther

Artist and writer blogging at I make art about how much I hate housework and Medals that You Wouldn't Want to Earn.

2 thoughts on “February Meeting: Play the How Much Should This Cost? Game

  1. Can you please remind me when the next meeting is? Thanks

  2. I felt like I was forgetting something! Thanks, I’ll update the post. Meetings are always the 2nd Thursday, so Feb. 13th! I’ll double check that with Lisa to make sure, but it’s always the 2nd Thur. unless there’s a holiday or something.

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