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Powerful Questions that Lead to Progress

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Guest Post by Alyson Stanfield

In reviewing the 20+ pages of notes from my business retreat last week, I was struck by how many questions I had written down.

Questions, when used in business planning, are more powerful than statements because they make us think and

 formulate our own answers. They encourage us to consider our situation, environment, abilities, and resources.

See if any of these serve you at the moment.


Questions for Low Mojo

What do I need to do more of?
What do I need to do less of?
Where am I not making my best effort?

Questions for Mismanaged Self-Management

If I make this choice, how will it serve me 3 months from now? 1 year from now? 5 years from now?
What if I pass on this opportunity? What if I agree to it?
What’s the worst that could happen? The best? Which is easier to live with?
What 1 thing on my task list will have the biggest impact on my success?
What is my motive for doing this?
What’s the best use of my time at this moment?

Questions for Sluggish Marketing

Who needs to know about this event/exhibition/product?
Who haven’t I been in touch with lately?
Have I outgrown this space/exhibition/event?
Who needs to know about my art?

 Questions for Negative Mindset

Who can I send a Thank You card to today?
What are my blessings?
What do I need to do to fill the creative well?
What am I tolerating?
Who can I help today?

Questions for Challenging Actions

What obstacles will I need to overcome?
Where am I playing it too safe?
What makes me uncomfortable, and how might my business expand if I overcome that discomfort?
By when can I make that happen?
Where is there opportunity that I’m ignoring?
Am I all in?

Which questions can you use right now to revitalize a less-than-desirable situation?

 Alyson Stanfield is an artist advocate and business mentor at This article was originally published in her Art Biz Insider, which is sent weekly to thousands of artists who are elevating their businesses. Start your subscription now and read more articles like this at


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