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October Meeting: 10/8, Art Marketing Salon Continues!


Marketing business sales

We began the Art Marketing Salon series from the Art Biz Coach last month and we continue the facilitated discussion this month*, Thursday, October 9th, 7:30 pm at Unity Lutheran Church on 31st St. in Berwyn.

Don’t worry if you missed the first in the series, dive in anywhere, Berwyn Makers is a supportive, friendly community open to makers and creative entrepreneurs who are at any point in their journey.

Members have found the meetings very helpful to growing their businesses. Together, we all grow stronger!

And, there are snacks. Feel free to bring snacks or drinks to share.

*Here’s that list of topics again, this month’s topics are in bold:

The 9 Sessions Of An Art Marketing Salon

1. Introduction
2. Set and Attain Goals
3. Define Your Art
4. Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
5. Describe Your Collectors November
6. Assess and Improve Your Exhibition and Sales Opportunities December
7. Promote Yourself and Your Work January
8. Create Good Habits February
9. Follow Up March


Author: Elaine Luther

Artist and writer blogging at I make art about how much I hate housework and Medals that You Wouldn't Want to Earn.

2 thoughts on “October Meeting: 10/8, Art Marketing Salon Continues!

  1. Is the meeting wed the 8th or thurs the 9th? I have a lesson tonight and probably a class tomorrow. But, for my goals, I have talked to a graphic artist and started the logo design process. As far as cleaning up my space, I wouldn’t say I succeeded 100%, but I did get a bag of scrap fabric to Liita. Sorry to miss this month. Thanks Nancy


    • The meeting is the 9th, Thursday, sorry about the typo, I fixed it.

      Good work getting started on your logo, I’m so happy for you! See you in November!

      You can go to, create a user ID and get the worksheets for this month (sessions 3 & 4) if you want to read along at home.

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