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Berwyn Makers is on Meetup!

Find us on MeetUp, here:

We’ve added Meetup to our bag of getting-the-word-out tricks to help even more people find our awesome, supportive group!

While to date Berwyn Makers has been totally free! Meetup is sadly not free. We’ve instituted the extremely modest annual dues of $12.00 to be a member of Berwyn Makers. We’ll be using that money to cover the Meetup fees!

Once you join us at Meetup, you have 30 days to pay the dues, so you’ll have an opportunity to visit us at a meeting and make a decision.

Sound like a plan? Join us! Here’s that link again:


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March Meeting: Taxes, no Death, with Guest Speaker Janet Ecklebarger

Janet Ecklebarger

It’s all about the Schedule C, the tax form for freelancers and small business owners. Janet Ecklebarger will guide us through it. What do you need to know about reporting income and expenses?

We’re all sure to learn something new!

Meetings take place at Unity Lutheran Church, on 31st Street in Berwyn, one block east of Oak Park Avenue. 7:30 pm